Why You Should Not Miss HABI Market Fair 2017

There’s something about traditional woven products, I would hoard every time I visit Ifugao, Bicol and the Mindanao region. I was only 19 years old when I bought an Ifugai woven wall decor instead of other pasalubong items.

Then I learned about crocheting and wanting to use pure cotton in making throw pillow cases and purses. Are you also interested in weaving? Discover weaves from different parts of the country at the happening this weekend, October 20-22 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Once again, HABI: The Philippine Textile Council celebrates traditional Filipino who sustain the industry with the the Likhang HABI Market Fair. They are the pioneer in market fair and advocacy for communities in the Filipino Artisan trade highlighting Filipino textile industry.

At Hinebalan coffee shop in Makati, HABI showcased their products in by setting up a mini gallery. One of the featured products are Tassel Earrings made by Yakang Yaka.

We were also treated to a sumptuous Traditional Tausug meal

This year, Likhang HABI Market Fair 2017 will have a series of lectures on the importance of supporting the revival of the local weaving industry. HABI is also strengthening its advocacy of reviving the use of pure cotton, you might want to join and participate in the lecture on cultivating and growing cotton.

Source: livingmarjorney.com

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