Voices from the Field 3: Indigenous Symbolism and Plurality in Contemporary Performance


Dialogue on sensibilities, sensitivities, and presenting “Filipino”.
How do performance companies portray the plurality of Philippine Culture? How are indigenous symbols portrayed? How do groups tie in research and the creative process? We discuss with performance artists from both the Philippines and the Diaspora.CONFIRMED SPEAKERS:
1. Faisal Monal- Creative Director, Salamindanao Dance Company, Cotabato, Mindanao
2. Bayanihan – The Philippines’ National Folk Dance Company through Republic Act No. 8626.
3. Samahan – The Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts and education center, Inc.
4. Pasacat – Philippine performing arts group from San Diego, California.
5. Steven P.C. Fernandez-Founding Director, MSU-IIT Integrated Performing Guild (IPAG)
6. Kulintronica – A San Francisco Bay Area artist known for fusing the “kulintang” with electronic dance music.
7. Parangal – Parangal Dance Company is a Filipino Folk Dance Group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
8. Pantayo- Canadian Kulintang Group
9. Mary Jane Noh- Incheon Bilingual Theater Festival Korea
10. Sakinurain Delasas- Tambuli Dance Troupe
11. Sydney Loyola- Haraya Project, USA
12. Rodel Fronda—Immediate Past President, Philippine Folk Dance Society
13. Discussants- Migz Anzures, Alleluia Panis, Chinggay Bernardo CCP , Carlo Ebeo

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