Thoughtful Gifts that Give Back

Here's a suggested list that gifts twice the joy

This holiday season offers a wonderful opportunity to support local brands that are making a difference. Bring deeper meaning to holiday traditions with gifts that give back. These presents do a little something to give back- they help share a little generosity, so by giving them, you’re giving back, too. And when your friend or family member learns that their new gift also helped someone else, they’ll be doubly pleased by it.

Here is curated list of some of our suggestions when thinking about purchasing a responsibly made gift this year. Here are our 2019 suggestions that are designing and producing local artisanal products that have some kind of social impact. From locally made sustainable holiday packaging to every purchase supporting the communities connected to each design.

The included brands not only value quality production, they prioritize people, culture preservation and the planet. Which is why we love them! Happy Gifting! Happy holidays from HABI. Maligayang Pasko!

1. Abre Linea : Lovingly Hand-woven

Abre Linea is a social enterprise that fuses contemporary designs with local artisanal craftsmanship through its livelihood projects. Abre, which translates to “open” in Waray, is an open response to provide a sustainable form of livelihood for Haiyan-ravaged weaving communities in Leyte and Samar. The advocacy is simple: to open access to help.  Perfect addition to your collection of Hand woven Filipino for the home or for style.

Launching this holiday season are Abre’s  Bachao document bag and day totes featuring lovingly hand woven Romblon from Brgy Bachao, Leyte, assembled into functional document bags and totes by artisans in Marikina. Adorn your Christmas tree with hand crafted mini parols from Tambano, Leyte.

Price Range: 500 and up
Contact details:; @abre_linea (IG)

2. Kalakal

Supporting – The Jamamapun Mat Weavers are a group of 20 Muslim women in Brookes Point, Palawan that weave traditional mats from softened pandan, a technique passed on to them by their mothers. Their designs feature elements pulling from their traditions and day to day lives. These are responsibly made and perfect addition to your collection or home. Isn’t it nice to have a one of a kind hand weaving piece of your own or to share with a loved one?

Price Range: 1500-5000
Contact details : Rosal Lim
Business Development Director
Rurungan Sa Tubod Foundation
IG: @tepinafabric// @binalkay
FB: @tepina

3. Everyday Pnay

We are a group of dynamic professionals committed to provide an international platform for Filipina artisans by producing hand woven everyday wear. We focus on highlighting the indigenous masterpieces and its Philippine craftsmanship.

Let’s be local stylish this Holiday season! Choosing to wear hand woven and inspired pieces of our local artisans is a great way to show support this holiday season. Wearing a piece of local pride and craftsmanship. We can share some Holiday weaving pride!

Price Range: 1000 and up
Contact details: 0918 805 7777/0917 638 0228
IG: @everypnay

4. Yakang yaka!(translates to kayang kaya! or in English never give up!

Main purpose is to buy sell and give back to local communities in the Philippines. Hand made local Philippine craftsmanship. Promoting sustainable home, fashion and interior design over the years with many projects all over the country. Our weavers are our partners. We are cultural managers that help keep their traditions alive.

Supporting weaving communities since 2014. Using up cycled textiles and turning them into Hand woven holiday surprises.

For their holiday collection each year, they use all the excess fabric to upcycle into one of a kid holiday theme collections. #YAKAHOLIDAY A collection gives a meaning to a Holiday Filipino handmade theme and it’s a thoughtful present for family and friends.

Contact: IG: YakangYakaBarter
Kelly Mortensen
0927 852 6955

4. The Manila Collectible Co.

Shop local and immerse yourself in one of the best local shopping experiences in the country. A holiday to travel means to visit wonderful curated shops. Drop by today at Fort Santiago Intramuros. You will be welcomed by knowledgeable friendly staff who can assist you will all your questions about where the hand crafted products are made and educating yourself about its cultural history. Perfect to visit with family and friends visiting the Philippines for the holidays!

The Manila Collectible Co. (TMCC) is a CULTURESPACE—a museum, gift shop and heritage tour/workshop provider in the heart of Intramuros, Manila. Our aim is to educate our guests about Philippine culture and give people an opportunity to bring home one-of-a kind gifts from around the islands. Inspired by prehistory and indigenous heritage, we continue to collaborate with cultural groups from around the country to further promote and sustain intangible heritage and local creative industry. This is the newest kind of destination fusing heritage, education and responsible retail.

Price list : Gift shop prices ranges from 100-10,000 and up.
Contact details: (02) 230 9710
OPEN Tuesday- Sunday 10:00 am -6:00pm

5. STYLE ISLE Weave Kits

A collection of found pieces, created and curated pieces made from indigenous materials found around the 7,107 islands of the Philippine Archipelago. Being art advocacy brand & collective in promoting pieces made from various communities around the Philippine Islands… Traditional and artisanal skills that have been passed on from generations… pieces that speak of heritage and culture…

Buy these wonderful weave kits ! A great gift idea that gives back the art of experiencing weaving. Perfect to practice with family and friends . Also you may support the HABI book series. You may purchase a weave kit and a HABI book as a bundle. Don’t miss this deal!

Weave Kits
Weave Kits + HABI book bundle
Woven Accessories
Woven Patches – can be customized shapes and more!

Price Range: 500 and up
Contact details :

6. Maria Angelica Rare Finds

Chances are there is a jewelry lover on your holiday list this year. Consider a limited edition one of a kind handcrafted piece.

From designer Gigi S Bermejo, Ma. Angelica Rare Finds prides itself with 35 years of antique collecting and discovering beautiful pieces that have stood the test of time and taste to suit and compliment those meant to wear them. Hand made and Hand crafted timeless pieces from the Philippines.
Fine jewelry made from 10, 14, 18, or 24K gold or silver. These pieces of fine jewelry are created and curated for the modern woman with classic taste. 


Continuing the art of our Filipino jewelry making. This is a wonderful craft to continue to support. Every piece is unique and makes a perfect thoughtful present.

Price Range: 3000 and up
Maria Angelica Rare Finds
Contact details:
SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Instagram @mariaangelicararefinds
Phone number: 0917 628 1689

7. WVN Home Textiles

Isn’t it tradition to gift a family member or friend a beautiful piece for their home but this time its made from local sustainable material. What a wonderful idea!

WVN Home Textile co-creates contemporary textiles that can be used for the home and for the beach all made by traditional handloom weaving methods. Their advocacy is to reinvigorate weaving by making it relevant to the younger generation.

Their Mid-Year 2019 dining set was sustainably made by using recovered thread waste and hand woven by a weaver from Cavite using freestyle weaving. The set comes in beautiful and local Christmas packaging in an abaca box that your recipient can use.

Price Range: 500 and up
Owners Kylie Misa and Yvette Gaston
Contact details: 0917 835 3575

So , remember making that list and checking it twice! Always know to Buy local/buy ethical – choose smaller companies, choose ethical and responsible manufacturing practices because every peso that you spend this holiday season, is a vote towards more sustainable producers and manufacturing practices.

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