This Book on Weaving Techniques Is the First in Over 100 Years

The art of weaving has been a local ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation. While the turn for faster, modern techniques has relegated the craft to the backseat, with a particular mastery only indigenous locals have honed, more and more Philippine fashion brands such as Aranaz, Kaayo, and Herman and Co. have been contributing to the revival of the woven craft fit for today’s modern senses.

To simply wear them, however, may not be enough to keep this fading tradition alive. Learning the craft, on the other hand, can make all the difference. In hopes of celebrating and preserving the art of weaving, HABI: The Philippine Textile Council, has released RaRa: The Art and Tradition of Mat Weaving. The book is the second of its kind in Philippine history, with the first one being written more than a hundred years ago. Taking a total of three years to complete, author Elmer Nocheseda, traveled to 30 differenct communities to collate and update the mat weaving techniques of today.

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