Score Indigenous Pieces at The 7th Likhang Habi Market Fair in Glorietta

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Month, HABI: The Philippine Textile Council returns with its annual “Likhang Habi Market Fair,” slated October 20 to 22 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

The central idea in this three-day event is the same idea in the center of its fairs for the past seven years: promote and enhance Philippine textiles which are fast disappearing and sustain weaving communities and local artisans all over the country.

Joining the event is Marlon Martin and his Ifugao heritage school, who prides themselves with their high-quality, pure cotton textiles with a hint of Ifugao signs. Martin will conduct a talk on cultural appropriation, an issue that hurts the unsung heroes of the indigenous Filipino textile industry.

The fair will likewise promote awareness on the traditional hablon, which means weaving or woven in Ilonggo, and patadyong, a pre-Spanish wrap around loose skirt typical in the Southeast Asia. This intention will be made possible by a fashion show on the opening night.

More than just the tangible product, the pieces made with Philippine textiles are an embodiment of labor of love made by weavers’ controlled hands.

A niche market for local artisans where you can score beautifully handcrafted pieces? You would not want to miss this


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