Maribel Ongpin On HABI’s Efforts To Revive The Philippine Cotton Industry

HABI Chairperson Maribel Ongpin has been fervently working across the archipelago not only to promote local textile products but to persuade as well the weavers to go back to cotton. Hence, annually they hold Likhang HABI Market Fair to give small and medium-sized enterprises an opportunity to showcase their crafts and products in Manila. Moreover, 90 per cent of the proceeds of the fair goes to the vendors and HABI’s cut are all invested to their efforts to preserve, promote, and modernise the Philippine weaving industry.

“One of our big projects on the pipeline already, is to bring in a cotton micro-spinning facility with the help of the Department of Trade and Industry,” Ongpin says. With the combined efforts of HABI and the Department of Agriculture in the recent years, cotton production in the country has increased after it went down in the previous decades. However, the battle is far from over and Ongpin believes that the micro-spinning facility in Leon, Iloilo will help resolve the issue.

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