#HABICommunity Virtual Marketplace

Greetings from HABI, the Philippine Textile Council! We hope you and your families are doing well, staying safe and healthy during this time of the extended quarantine.

HABI The Philippine Textile Council is a non profit organization that has been the pioneer trade fair each year that brings you a combination of local merchants and weaving communities. As we are on our 10th year this year we are bringing something new to you which is a virtual marketplace platform. Supporting local communities is vital during this new time and change. We are creating a unique avenue for you to link, learn and to buy directly to help support our local communities and local brands.

As a service to the #HABICommunity that we have built over the years, we are launching our HABI VIRTUAL COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE. This will be a Facebook Page that will allow our vendors to promote their products and services. This page will give us a platform to connect HABI Friends with HABI vendors and communities. We envision that this page will help spark some trade and commerce which will help augment your source of livelihood. We also believe that as we move into the “new normal”, this method of online promotion will prove to be useful.

Please click button below to join our HABI Virtual Community Marketplace

Within this HABI MARKETPLACE Page, we will also be launching the THREADS THAT BIND US Campaign. We will be featuring stories, videos and photos of the various communities and artisans. This will give HABI Friends an insight into how the communities are doing during these difficult times of COVID 19. Please do contact us if you have anything you would like to share on the page. For more inquiries Email : likhanghabi@gmail.com

Together we can restore, connect and support our HABI VIRTUAL COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE. Looking forward to a fruitful endeavor!

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Join us to help UPLIFT LOCAL.
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