CALL FOR ENTRIES: The 4th Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Prize


Art of Piña Cloth-making Award

In October 2021, three awards will be given to artists and artisans who work —singly or collaboratively—to create extraordinary piña cloth.

The cloth to be awarded is created as a long or short panel, and can be made to achieve any of the full range of artistic ambition in cloth making. The panels can be woven to be exceptional, and/or embellished (beadwork, embroidery, etc.), and/or layered, and/or folded, tucked, pleated, or otherwise made into a new “body,” and/or punctured for cut-openwork (calado or doble calado) introductions to the weave, and/or appliquéd, and/or shadow appliquéd (sombrado). And other techniques still unknown or untried.

The guidelines that both artists/artisans and the jury will abide by are as follows:

1. A minimum requirement

The cloth to be entered into consideration for the prizes has to be at least two (2) meters long. It can be longer. There is no stricture about the width.

2. Quality of making

The cloth will be evaluated for excellence of execution of the entire range of processes used; including the knotting of the fiber itself; the control over the weaving tension (even if the intended tension is to produce loose weave); the balance between the tensile strengths of piña and other fibers that may be woven with the pineapple fiber to make the cloth; the dyeing or other forms of coloring; the physical relationship of embellishment to woven cloth; and so forth.

3. Quality of innovation and use of imagination

The cloth will be evaluated for the freshness and excellence of the ways of handling piña as a material. Thus, the Award will commend the creation of blends with other natural fibers (Musa textilis or abaka, cotton, linen, ramie, silk and so forth, so long as piña makes up more than 50% of the body of the cloth); of new possibilities for couture; and of new procedures to be applied in the making of pineapple fiber cloth. 


Grand prize – PHP 50,000.00

1st prize – PHP 30,000.00

2nd prize – PHP 20,000.00

Special Awards:

The Nadres Award for Outstanding Young Weaver (under 30 years old)

Filip + Inna Award for Textile Innovation

Submit entries to HABI Offices: #962 May Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

DEADLINE EXTENDED: October 30, 2021

Judging and awarding of winners: November 20, 2021

Exhibition at Silverlens Galleries: November 13 – 20, 2021

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